The Science Set

A portable science lab which fits into every school bag

The Science Set is a portable kit which makes it easy for students in basic school to perform basic experiments in science and enhance their knowledge of science in a fun and engaging way.

45+ unique components

The Science Set contains over 45 individual components carefully crafted for easy assembly into a wide variety of experiment.

Experiments are based on the latest Science Syllabi around the world and cover many topics, helping students understand and appreciate these topics in an engaging way.


Experiments from visualizing rays and beams to rectilinear propagation of light and more. .


Learn the basics of transistors, base, collector, emitter and how to use them in circuits.

Basic Electronics

Parts to build simple electronics projects like LED lamps, security lights and more.

Diodes & Switches

Turn circuits on and off with switches. Learn how diodes control the flow of current.


Experiments from making electromagnets to visualizing electromagnetic lines of force.


Parts to demonstrate how electronic circuits work and investigate current, voltage , etc.

Resistors & Capacitors

Learn how resistors and capacitors work, colour codes and more.

Many more

Several other bits and pieces to make learning science exciting and interesting.

A hands-on approach to Science

The Science Set makes it possible for the student to learn by doing. The hands-on approach to science helps the student to easily appreciate what they see in the textbook.

With the Science Set, complex concepts are broken down into simple, fun and engaging experiments which enhance the student’s understanding of these concepts; thus making Science; the once dreaded subject a favourite for the student.

A portable Science lab which fits into every school bag


The Science Set comes in a small portable box which can fit in the school bag of every student, making it easy to carry around.

Project Manual

The set comes with an illustrated manual which provides step-by-step guide for all experiments, making them easy to follow.

Easy to use

The set is built with ease and simplicity in mind. It is crafted for convenient use with no soldering or screwing required.


The Science Set is very affordable, costing not more than a textbook.

“Thanks to the Science Set, science is my new favourite subject”

I live in a house with no electricity so studying in the evenings was a challenge. Thanks to the Science Set, I quickly learnt how to build an LED study lamp. Now me and 3 other friends can study in the evenings and do my homework and science is my new favourite subject.

Princess A, Student, Brekuso, Ghana

A tool with the power to revolutionalize the study of Science around the World

The Science Set is contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 4 of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all in a new and unique way.

400+ Classroom Reached

Science Sets are being used in more 400 classrooms around the world.

6200+ Sets Produced

Since 2017 we have produced over 6200 kits from our production facility in Kumasi, Ghana.

19,000+ Students Impacted

Over 19,000 students across the world have used Science Sets to discover science in a new and engaging way.

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Download a soft copy of the science set manual right here.

Got questions?

Here are answers to some of the most popular questions people ask about the about Science Set.

If you still have questions, contact us and we will be happy to help.

How can I buy a Science Set?

You can order your Science Set online from our website or any of our distributors website and have it delivered to you.

Where can I buy a Science Set?

You can get a Science Set here or contact us here to get one.

How much does a Science Set cost?

The Science Set Max,  costs US$20.

Does the Science set meet curriculum requirements?

Yes. The content of the science set was made with a close study of Academic Standards from around the World.

What is inside the Science Set?

45 individual components for performing activities under core physical science principles.

Can I buy Science Sets as a gift to my school?

Yes. You can buy Science Set as a gift for any school or any group. For large orders, we can customize the kit to include your brand at a small fee per kit.

Where are the Sets made?

Science Sets are produced in Kumasi, Ghana by Dext Technology Ltd.

Who can use the Science Set??

Students, teachers and anyone who wants to understand science concepts especially the fundamentals of electronics

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